Womb That is All Packed Out


Thank you so much you special 27 who were able to make it to Womb With A View this last week. Very special times for me.  Performing in this show was challenging in a way I wasn't expecting. My characters job was to play with each person openly and personally. As a result, people connected with him. And then they opened up. Initially, I wasn't sold on the whole one audience experience idea but after doing this I think it’s quite special. Arlo Gibson, I love making work with you man, everytime I do I end up being faced more and more with the universality of emotions like fear, shame, and worthlessness. It makes me braver to face these things in myself. And the less I am afraid of them, the more I can show others not to be afraid of them too. I’m so proud of you for making your own thing.

The picture is of little Ewe, unpacking now, but only to reform in another womb, another time.


February Update

Woo! The year has kicked off with a blast! Pilot season madness got me like:

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 10.03.17 AM.png

I've started back with HTA Trust, directing a piece for them that should have a showing in April.

The Sight of Stars by Jakob Twidle and Run, Shosana Productions had its premiere, along with all the other work Run, Shosana had made last year, which was really inspiring.

One of my fav shots from Sight of Stars

One of my fav shots from Sight of Stars

On top of that, I've started teaching drama at St Kentigerns, AAAAAND been making a show for the Fringe. It's called A Womb With A View and it's about experiencing being in the womb for a second time. It's on at the Basement 27 Feb - 3 March and is a show for one audience member at a time. But it's very special and gentle, you will enjoy and will not feel too on the spot, even though you don't have an army of audience at your back.


Womb With A View - From the Brain of Arlo Gibson

Shot guys, more sweet treats to come this year is just getting started. Love to you all. Hit me up if you are wanting to produce some short films this year. Even if you have no experience - just the desire to learn and get involved is excellent. - Opportunity to be mentored by Alix Whittaker - Producer of Candlelit Pictures.