There was a man who didn’t think any thoughts. He wasn’t very interesting. He wasn’t very funny. He saw things and looked at them. He heard sounds but wasn’t annoyed at all. Often was he surprised. And with people he wasn’t rushed or rude. Sometimes they thought he had bad manners. Sometimes they thought he was stupid. He never supposed anything. He didn’t think to. Sometimes he sang. He didn’t know why. He never thought to wonder. It made him happy to help people. He never was much help. He didn’t really know how. But mostly people felt helped after meeting him. Or frustrated. He never got much done. But he survived.  Sometimes he sat in one place watching until his bum disappeared. And when he moved again it was like his bum was made of lazy electricity. He was always late. He always needed money and food. When he looked at advertisements he liked the eyes of the models within them. He liked pretty things. He farted in front of anyone. He slept a great deal. He slept so much that eventually he died. When he went up to God, God was like: “Man, what a waste”. And the man said nothing.

And then everything else in the whole world happened and no one thought of the man again, except when they were quiet, or stressed, or scared. And in those moments they would remember that pleasant little man who didn't really know how, and really didn’t need to.


The End.

Poem 2.. Simile

The Sparrow

With wings like an eagles

Of brown, black chestnut too

- Also the white of the seagulls

- Who fly through the sky blue

- And a beak like a griffins

- The mythical sort,

Used to snap up the worms,

Who seem quite distraut.

With textured legs like tiles,

With talons at the end.

Could use with a pair of files,

That I strongly recommend.

And the way it flips through the air,

Like a king, that’s the word.

Seems to have not a care,

What a beautifully small bird.

Hi! In light of Trump and the coming of the end of the world...

Hey guys, in light of Trump becoming President and things getting dire I thought I would post some poems I wrote when I first was introduced to the idea of poetry in Form 2. Please, do try it, you will find it is nice like colouring in.

Poem 1 Repetitive Poem


A conversation started between the skeletons one day

It was started by a skeleton who was supposedly called ray

It was the alcaholic skeleton show started it off I think

Said the alcoholic skeleton "give us a drink"

Said the posh little skeleton

"what manners I say!"

Said the objective skeleton

"I say nay!"

Said the rugby skeleton

"Ive lost my ball!"

Said the girly skeleton

"I'm off to the mall"

Said the mother skeleton

"Do your homework first"

Said the wizard-like skeleton

"You are all curst"

Said the Einstein skeleton


Said the terrified skeleton

"Mummy im scared"

Said the braniac skeleton

"Yeah im smart"

Said the artistic skeleton

"Life is just an art"

Said the bart simpson skeleton

"Don’t have a cow man"

Said the really hot skeleton

"Anyone have a fan?"

Said the really scary skeleton

"You're all scared of me!"

Said the English skeleton

"Anyone fancy a cup of tea?"

Said the burglar skeleton

"I'm running from the cops"

Said the literary skeleton

"This is where the poem stops!"


Shout at the Ground

Hey! While filming a short film "Shout at the Ground" I did some art. Here's what I has done. Thank you Heritage Hotel for the paper.

My Play, Thomus

Here we are and its only two shows till this beauty rests a slumber, indefinite. She has been a lovely lover. Volatile, interesting, and acute. Painful and uncomfortable and requiring. But restful too, and giving. Thank you to all who have come to see her, and who have helped her to be alive and to dance. xxx

I've written a play!

Holy shit guys, after years of work I've finished writing a play and will be directing it.  It will be on at The Basement (lower Greys Ave) August 30th - September 10th @ 8pm

In the cast we have:

Milo Cawthorne  Amelia Rose Reynolds  Michelle Leuthart  Mark Andrew Clare  Arlo Gibson  Ollie Cox  Bruce Hopkins!!!

In design we have:

Andrew Foster  Rachel Marlow

Behind the scenes we have:

The mean Sara Shirazi


Buy tickets here: thomus

For those looking for something to do tonight...

My hella talented friend Dan Veint is performing in the Drag Wars at the Dogs Bollix tonight (2 Newton Rd, Ponsonby - Cnr Ponsonby and K). Its his first drag competition. I have seen him before and he rules. He even makes his costumes himself using his advanced knowledge of clothes maths. Check it out.

Doors open 8pm, performances start 9.30. Heres the link to the fb page:

Some of my friends at a party

Heres some friends of mine at a party. Beautiful friends :)

Pencil stands out a little better in the originals than on these scans but I'm sure you get the idea.

Enjoy! :)


Death to the man who stands in front of you.

A brick wall that’s impossible.

Haha! I have you!

Made of mortar and clay, you wont last another day,

I have you.

We used to sex and will again but made no love you are my friend and slave till there’s a better time adieu.

In past i swore no more before I’d wiped you from my view.

Inside you gripped beneath by my stupidity you grew.

I’ll squash and squish your ligaments till all that’s left is what’s true.

Goodbye for now.

When next we meet it’ll be a weaker point, I know you’ll swell and strangle me again till blue.

You’ll build your wall anew.

With plastics and electric glue.

You’ll try really hard too.

But for now, oh for now, I have you.

My new site

Wow, finally I have done it. After years of wanting to set up a website to publish my work online, here it is. I hope you enjoy my art and my musings.

With Love,