In 2016 Arlo Gibson, Sara Shirazi, and myself created theatre company Thank You Real Good Party Time Ltd. Here are some of the shows we have made.

THOMUS_poster MK3.jpg
Wow that’s a lot of writing... And you mentioned Hill Street?? that’s my street…
— Punter


A modern, Jacobean Psycho-Crime-Drama set in Onehunga and performed in Iambic Pentameter.

Cast - Milo Cawthorne, Amelia Reynolds, Michelle Leuthart, Paul Ballard, Bruce Hopkins, Arlo Gibson, Ash Jones and Oliver Cox.

Written and Directed by - Ash Jones

Produced by - Sara Shirazi, Arlo Gibson & Ash Jones

Lighting and Set Design - Andrew Foster

Sound Design - Tom Dennison & John Gibson

Operator - Ronnie Livingstone

Stage Manager - Sara Shirazi

Vocal Consultant - Sylvia Rands

Fight Choreography - Alexander Holloway

Dramaturgy - Nisha Madhan

Somewhere Series “Weird Dude Energy”

Arlo and myself in our very first theatre piece together. We danced and clowned towards an awkward moment of revelation; performing monologues we had mischievously written for the other to read, unprepared, to the audience.

SKYLOVING poster 400x400.jpg
Terrible show. I thought you were better than that.
— My Dad
No show has ever made my heart smile more than the last 5 minutes of SKYLOVING
— Lucy Suttor


A show about long distance relationships, personified by me and Arlo communicating purely through video chat.

How do I touch someone through the screen? How do I keep them near when they are so far away?

Non Flower Elements

A show based on different ideas around the self and our specific struggles with the person inside our heads. Inspired by my rummaging about in Buddhism. Included audience interaction, live music, and nudity.

Written and Performed by - Arlo Gibson & Ash Jones

Stage Manager - Rose McGrannachan

Band “A Stanky Wave” - Milo Cawthorne, Patrick Kelly, and Connor Strati

Musical Arrangement - Bede Maclaurin

Lighting - Jordan Windsor

Produced by - Lucie Everette-Brown & John Burrows

Costumes - Kate Mason

Dramaturgy - Freya Finch

Vocal Consultant - Sylvia Rands

Video shot and edited by - Jordan Windsor

Poster Design - Lewis Gregory

While penises are never not funny, in this case getting your dick out and dancing reads as purely exhibitionist last resort.
— Kate Prior