Hi! In light of Trump and the coming of the end of the world...

Hey guys, in light of Trump becoming President and things getting dire I thought I would post some poems I wrote when I first was introduced to the idea of poetry in Form 2. Please, do try it, you will find it is nice like colouring in.

Poem 1 Repetitive Poem


A conversation started between the skeletons one day

It was started by a skeleton who was supposedly called ray

It was the alcaholic skeleton show started it off I think

Said the alcoholic skeleton "give us a drink"

Said the posh little skeleton

"what manners I say!"

Said the objective skeleton

"I say nay!"

Said the rugby skeleton

"Ive lost my ball!"

Said the girly skeleton

"I'm off to the mall"

Said the mother skeleton

"Do your homework first"

Said the wizard-like skeleton

"You are all curst"

Said the Einstein skeleton


Said the terrified skeleton

"Mummy im scared"

Said the braniac skeleton

"Yeah im smart"

Said the artistic skeleton

"Life is just an art"

Said the bart simpson skeleton

"Don’t have a cow man"

Said the really hot skeleton

"Anyone have a fan?"

Said the really scary skeleton

"You're all scared of me!"

Said the English skeleton

"Anyone fancy a cup of tea?"

Said the burglar skeleton

"I'm running from the cops"

Said the literary skeleton

"This is where the poem stops!"