Something Happened to me in the Weekend

Emotional dreamscapes exist in the daytime hours.

Perfect inescapable bliss

Fully sharpened.


It's been a big black time of time cum.

Accidents impossibly impenetrable,

Diatribes of inescapable complexity,

A nuance not set above

Extreme and utter carnal pleasure.

Please, bring notes to me,

Unconscious denizens of doom and despair,

An expression of light amidst the dark.

Inside the dark.

A dark so bright it illuminates itself with an utter inky wash.

A light so bright, so immensely vibrant

It pulsates with umpteen energy

The infinite and call to beyond

A time scale,

A never realm,

A feat of two feet that lock,

A similar,

An assumption,

A full wash of colour,

Bright, vivid colour,

So many colours you can't see them anymore,

They just become black.




Night has


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 4.45.10 PM.png