When I look at you I think that time could stop

Thim passing nights they pass away,

A passing so demure.

And when the new days passing comes to I

don’t want it anymore.

Oh freeze the moment,

Stop its change

This past with passing pace.

Please, quash the thing within me that has passing as a face.

For when I share a look of yours,

There is a feeling, quick;

That if I trust to God the passing

Time, it wont exist.

Then twist, a quiver is begun,

It’s when I look at you.

And only one thing I imagine

Knots, you do undo.

But knots they’ve been around so long,

Their patronage of me,

As they’re undone

A sort of havoc

Starts in my body.

Complaining knots! Not my attention take

This girl from me.

I’d rather gaze, her changing face

than feel your moving sea.

Your murky depths a promise not

of love, but of ugly.

In taking care of you I'll step, 

this sea is seeming deep.

- But with my best, I’ll drain the thing,

Then worlds attention keep.

I’ll have no time! No worries, love!

Existence pure and gem.

‘Nd I’ll have God and you to thank for


And still.

And speed.

My dearest love.

My truest friend.