It's Truest January

Get out! Get out!

I know a name.

Mistakes get ever clearer,

A tape will keep a record,

And the mask will get us nearer.


Too much for some

To wish for cum,

I can't stop thinking hairy.

A bait of cock, the fish shop,

Will tackle and leave em teary.


But they have hearts,

Oh, don't you start,

You'll bring me nought but dry.

A simple rhymers typecast.

A bakers crusty lye.


Are they untruths?

The ancient ones?

Or are they still a point.

Sharp in the back

But head's too blunt,

The heart's where they appoint.


And time again,

Will shackle me down.

And down, and down

Reverse it,

Nwod dna, Nwod dna

Nwod em elkcash

Lliw niaga emit

Worth it?