Feel like a thief

Truthfully never have I ever

Come across thoughts so morosely obscene

As the slow ebbing mute realisation

That nothing's never not going to be seen.

As much as I look for worth

In the things I do and I say,

A dishonest sorrow is held in my backpack,

And it's dying for it all to die away.

Is service the only thing for it?

Give my deaths and my loves; loving martyrs.

Pass some spark along, few more smiles and I'm gone,

A zipper on my back, like catharsis?


So, am I just living till death?

Or am I just living to die?

Is that a depressional fixation?

If so, why don't I just cry?

Yeah, why do I get up in the morning?

If all I've gotta do is survive?

And yes maybe there is a God

After death, and I must prepare it.

How on earth am I supposed to know,

If I aint ever been there yet?

So then, do I become God?

And make my afterlife now?

I practise and rehearse every moment

For that chance I need to know how.

So just once I don't slip and fall,

So for once, the bruise don't need healing,

So there's energy and purpose to this,

And I can gift back these gifts I've been stealing.