In the Night I Whispered That I Love You

In the night I whisper I love thee in a million ways,

My cell calls a deep echoing throb with it;

I love thee,

I love thee,

I love thee.

I love thee with lightness - a fluttering dense enlargement of my stature.

I love thee with tumult, With stark, and With apparence.

It is obvious that I love thee and yet tis obvious that you must know of it.

''Tis a secret that I love thee. For no one doth know it, but Tis true and nearly just yours own.

''Tis mental it is that I love thee. 'Tis unstable-like, 'tis waif, and gratifying.

''Tis well aimed, the shot that struck me. A wound tha'tis well earned. ''Tis well earned and yet I'm remains surprised.

''Tis aching that I love thee. My body. Tis hurts, ''tis lonely, and tis sweeping.

''Tis hurried that I love thee. ''Tis hushed, tis large and it is hardly slept.


So stay, remain, it's gracious, that you seem to love me so.

I arch my neck to reach your grace, my spine it's ever slow.

Internal is a faint distraction

It's a sinking flat.

Endeavour, I to make to u,

A true embalming slat.

Vous êtes un chat

et je suis une potet.